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Cut Man and Corner Man Supplies.

Cut Man and Corner Man Supplies
  by Professional cutman Adam Gigli

Fighter safety is paramount here at Cutman Supplies which is why it is our aim to bring you the very best quality cutman/cornerman supplies including hand wrapping products. This includes Empire pro tape and gauze, cutman kits, cold hot therapies and more to keep your fighters as safe as possible during their fight.

Adam Gigli has been a Professional Cutman now for 6 years and has been plying his trade passionately in all corners of the glode looking after some of the world's best known Boxing & MMA fighters. In 2012 Adam became an official cutman for the UFC and has since become part of a four man team to travel the world and look after the UFC's most elite fighters. 

Adam Gigli help you  'Keeping Fighters In The Fight!'.